- Cruises with Victoriasail -

How many times have you dreamed of taking a break from the routine and just... sail away?

We dream of new lands, new horizons, unknown places seeking to be discovered... So, we cross endless seas... to find exotic beaches and deserted islands... we feel nature. Breeze, sun, blue skies and mysterious waters. Sunsets, sailing voyages and new adventures. Enjoying skies full of shooting stars during summer nights on board with friends. 

Enchanting Greek routes to join us on 

Charming harbours, traditional villages with archaeological sites and delightful beaches.

A favourite destination for sailing lovers, not only because of the fantastic weather conditions for sailing, but also because of the beauty and contrasts of the landscape.

Easily accessible and convenient because of its proximity to Athens.The short distances between the islands allow for frequent stops to charming harbours, typical villages with archaeological sites and beautiful beaches

Exotic beaches, deserted islands and mysterious caves.

The Ionian islands are the peaks of a vast underwater mountains in the Ionian Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea between Greece, Albania and Italy. 

— Sailing Courses with Victoriasail —

              RYA Youth Sailing Courses

We teach you how to sail dinghies at the heart of the city of London. The certificates within the Youth Sailing Scheme are a significant achievement. These can be used in other areas of your study such as PE at school, or the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Private Tuition with Victoriasail

These individual training programs are for the ambitious sailors that want to go into the professional sailing world, or for people who prefer learning how to sail on an individual basis. 

These sessions are tailored to the individuals' level, ambitions and objectives.

               RYA Adult Sailing Courses

"Feel nature" at the heart of the buzzing city of London while learning how to sail with us. The scheme is comprised of a series of two-day courses, with the option to distribute the hours to your busy schedule.  

— Meet the team —

Originated from the salty splashes of sea water... shaped by the morning breeze filling our sails. We sail to new horizons, looking for new adventures... thirsty for Ultramarine.