— Ionian Islands   —


Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Ithaca, Meganissi, Kalamos and Scorpio


for 10 and for 8 people

Janneau 49/2011,Bavaria 50/2014/, Beneteau 50.5 Cyclades /2009/


Starting and ending point of the trip: Lefkada

The Ionian islands are the peaks of a vast underwater mountains in the Ionian Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea between Greece, Albania and Italy.

Lefkada is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea; with a bridge extending to the mainland; covered by a mountainous relief, has green nature, marvellous white beaches and famous resorts.

Meganisi - a former pirate island; now it has small harbours with amazing restaurants and beautiful little houses.

Ithaca - the island of Odysseus; Vathy is one of the largest natural harbours in the world; with crystalline waters full of fish; mountain trails and many sights.

Kefalonia - the largest island in the Ionian Sea; mountain and sea in one; many archaeological sites, beautiful beaches, an underground lake, caves and picturesque towns.

Zakynthos - the third largest Ionian island; also known as the "heaven of tortoises". With breath-taking caves, fascinating beaches and towns with a 24-hour life. The famous Shipwreck Beach lies on its coast.

Kalamos - a small and peaceful mountainous island with aromatic pine forests.

Scorpio - one of the few private Greek islands not accessible to tourists; his former owner, Aristotle Onassis, marries the widow of J. F. Kennedy - Jacqueline.