— Saronic Islands —

Charming harbours, traditional villages with archaeological sites and delightful beaches.

A favourite destination for sailing lovers, not only because of the fantastic weather conditions for sailing, but also because of the beauty and contrasts of the landscape.

Easily accessible and convenient because of its proximity to Athens. The short distances between the islands allow for frequent stops to charming harbours, typical villages with archaeological sites and beautiful beaches.


Sun Odyssey 49

For 8 or 10 people

Athens - The starting point of the trip is known to many as the cradle of western civilisation and the birthplace of democracy. From the immortal gods of the ancient world, to the return of the Olympics in the 21st century, this capital city has fascinated travellers throughout history.

Poros - Poseidon's Island - The God of the Sea. It is a combination of pine forests reaching crystal clear waters and lemon aroma, carried by its lemon forests.

Hydra - The most charming of the islands of the Saronic Gulf. Where donkeys are the only and obligatory form of transport. The magic of the island attracts many tourists who discover their place of paradise here. The white houses contrast with the turquoise sea and the blue skies.

Spetses- The most southern island of the archipelago of the Saronic islands. One of the most elegant and luxurious islands with lots of entertainment and restaurants. Rich in cultural events with summer theatre performances and festivals.

Epidavros- The birthplace of Apollo's son, Asclepius the healer. A sanctuary on his name was the most celebrated centre for healing in the Classical world. However, most people have heard of Epidavros for it's spectacular theatre. Its acoustics are legendary and stories tell how a piece of paper rustled or a coin dropped in the orchestra can be heard in the top row, 22.5m from the orchestra.

Aegina - The Island of Nymph Aegina, the lover of mighty Zeus. Here is found the oldest of all the ancient Greek temples - the Temple of Ephesus - one of the three temples of the so-called Holy Triangle of Antiquity.